Thoughts on Packing

It seems these past few months I have done much packing and unpacking and yet I am again in the stage of packing once again. As I look to our departure overseas, my mind is filled with many thoughts. Will I need this or that? Can everything possibly fit? Should I buy the next size up for the kids in shoes, shirts, etc? I think of the Proverbs 31 woman and how she provided for her family and wonder if I have planned sufficiently. My mind then remembers Phil4 and God’s promise to supply all our needs and Matt 6 where Matthew reminds us of God clothing the lilies of the field. To me, it is a tightrope. We are to be good stewards yet trust God’s provision. My prayer is that I am doing both.

Dear God, Thank you so much for your provision in every area. May you be in our packing. May we think of those things that we will need to get here. May we trust also in your supplying our needs. Be with us as we make many transitions. May we do so with grace. In Jesus name, Amen