Sleeping Habits

In the past few years, I have had some trouble with soreness in my left hip and the left side of my jaw.   The chiropractor I went to suggested that I try sleeping on my back which would keep my body in better alignment. It was hard at first but after some time I was able to sleep comfortably on my back. Sleeping on my back actually helped my hip and jaw so I continued with this new sleeping habit. The last few evenings I have found myself full of energy and restless. I could not get to sleep. I soon found myself turning over to sleep on my stomach and soon was asleep. In my struggle to find sleep, I resorted to an old habit that left me slightly sore in the morning.

I find that something similar happens in my personal life. Good relational skills are developed and then stress comes, and poof I am retreating to old ways of relating that are not good. I am sure the only way for this to be overcome is not in my strength but God’s.  To everyday submit myself to be filled by God’s spirit.  The new habits need to be more fully ingrained so that I don’t revert to unhealthy ways of relating.

The next few weeks will involve travel, stresses, goodbyes, and all sorts of adventures. I pray that I will be able to walk each day in the Spirit and not resort to old habits that do not promote God’s kingdom.

Dear God, Thank you for how you continually work in making us more like Your Son. May I seek each day to walk in the steps You have for me. May the fruit of your Spirit be evident in all my interactions. In Jesus name, Amen