Everyone has at least one non-negotiable. They are found in contracts, parent/child relationships, and even what you are looking for in a new car or house. I was thinking about non-negotiables in my life especially in terms of my schedule. I was listening to Beth Moore and she talked about how as a young mother she carved out time with God each day. It was a non-negotiable. I find often when my schedule gets busy or I get up late, I am tempted to forgo my time with God. When I do neglect this time, I miss walking fully in His strength. I may even miss some wisdom that would help with the problems that arise during the day. When I do take the time, I find things don’t necessarily go better but I do realize I am not alone. Most of all, the fruit of the Spirit is more likely to evident in my interactions.

In the weeks ahead our schedule will be crazy but I am planning on making my time with God a non-negotiable for each day. It won’t be easy and I won’t be doing it on my own strength. Each day I have a choice. I just need to make the right one.

Dear God, Thank you that you want to spend time with your children each day. May I look forward to my time with you each day. May I be a Mary at your feet, taking in your wisdom and taking time to worship. In Jesus name, Amen