Worship or Worry?

Which would you choose? Most people would say worship. I would. It sounds more fun and more spiritual. But as in most things, my actions speak louder than words. When I am faced with a hard situation, what is my first reaction? Do I stew or do I pray? Jill Briscoe says that we either worship or we worry. When we worship, we are letting God worry for us about those things we lay at His feet. When we worship, we acknowledge we can’t do anything about it but God can. It’s funny about worry. By worrying, we think we can fix or control things. But can we?
Jill’s words have given me something to think about. My response shows what I think about God. Do I believe He is big enough? Do I trust Him? My desire is to worship but I am weak. As I grow in my walk with Jesus, I pray I will begin to choose worship over worry. It is a lot less stressful and God is glorified.

Dear God, Thank you that you care for all our needs great or small. You love us and want us to cast all our cares on you. Take my worries. May my thoughts instead be filled with worship. May you be glorified in all we do. Amen