Teacher Tuesday

We are almost done with school. In some ways I am not ready. In others, I absolutely am. I am wondering what my kids will do with their extra free time. So the past week or so, we have did some on site conflict resolution training. I am hoping some of it will stick. I am praying that some of it will stick.

Besides our conflict resolution training, we decided that one day would be math day and the next day English and then keep rotating until the end of school. It actually has been fun and allowed us to cover more ground each day. They still work on their foreign language, typing and some reteaching of geography but otherwise our time is focused.

I am also excited about this bible curriculum I just found through homeschool freebie of the day. It is very simple study of the book of Acts but adds structure to our bible time. Each day has a passage from Acts, a memory verse activity, and sometimes an extra question or activity to understand the passage. The Acts study is just a part of their whole year curriculum. Depending on our plans in the next year or so, I would love for my children to go through their Old Testament and New Testament studies. For more info, click here.

I have really enjoyed my time with the kids this year. Next year they will be in more of a school setting as my DH and I will be in language school. It is a good decision but I will miss teaching them. God has plans and things for us to learn in each season.

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