My Shadow

I just finished reading a series by Karen Hanock called Legends of the Guardian King. The books were allegorical fantasies loaded with adventure. One take away I had from the book was my shadow versus Eidon’s (God’s) light. In the story, the main character Abramm often struggled with his shadow keeping him from being able to fully use Eidon’s light. […]

The Main Thing

I found this interesting post at Pajama Mama’s blog. I won’t add anything else since she stated it all very well. Dear God, Help me to remember that the main thing is you and only you. May I seek first your kingdom in all things. Amen

Teacher Tuesday

We are almost done with school. In some ways I am not ready. In others, I absolutely am. I am wondering what my kids will do with their extra free time. So the past week or so, we have did some on site conflict resolution training. I am hoping some of it will stick. I am praying that some of […]

Little Things

My DH and I have been exercising in the morning with a workout cd. The lady on the tape is always telling us to concentrate on different things such as are we standing up straight or breathing right or even focusing on a certain muscle. Sometimes I mutter at her under my breath. Mostly though I try to follow her […]

Worship or Worry?

Which would you choose? Most people would say worship. I would. It sounds more fun and more spiritual. But as in most things, my actions speak louder than words. When I am faced with a hard situation, what is my first reaction? Do I stew or do I pray? Jill Briscoe says that we either worship or we worry. When […]

National Day of Prayer

Lately I have been struggling to be consistent in prayer yet I know more than ever prayer is a work that needs to be done. Even though every day should be a day of prayer, it is nice to have a day set aside to concentrate on prayer. My prayer is during these weeks while Noel is in training I […]

Where I Want to Be

I get an email devotional everyday and this is one from last week. May we all pray for God’s kingdom. I don’t think I am there yet but would sure like to be. Author: Elisabeth ElliotSource: A Lamp For My FeetScriptureReference: Matthew 6:33 God’s Kingdom, My Reference PointA beginner’s prayers are generally an attempt to get God to pay attention […]