Upon Further Inspection

Two weeks ago, we finished the cleaning on the rental house we had lived in for almost 3 years. As I completed the basic cleaning, I kept seeing more things that needed to be done such as finger prints on the walls or cobwebs on the ceiling. Each step of cleaning seemed to reveal something else that needed to be done. The house was actually the cleanest it had ever been but each cleaning revealed something else. It was discouraging when I kept seeing those new areas that needed to be cleaned. I often will feel like this in my Christian life. I keep seeing things in my character or my attitudes that need to be worked on. It can be discouraging and overwhelming as if I am not making progress.

One thing I learned from cleaning that house was the need to step back and look at the big picture. In truth, the house was the cleanest it had ever been when I looked at it as a whole. We actually had made progress. In my life I also need to step back and look at the big picture.
When Jesus became my best friend and savior, He made me clean in His sight. I am forgiven and free. Now He is in the business of making me more like Him. He has begun a work that He has promised to complete. In Philippians 2: 13 it tells us that ” it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.” God starts with one action or attitude that needs work and then moves on to the next one. Often He works from the inside out. He changes my heart so that I no longer have the desire to do things I once did that were displeasing to him. When God truly works it is a life change not just some legalistic guidelines. I can get discouraged at all the work that still needs to be done or I can be encouraged that I am a child of the king who is forgiven and precious in God’s sight. With a proper perspective, I am better able to handle the molding that is taking place in my life.

Dear God, Thank you for your continuing work in me. Thank you for your forgiveness. May I conform my will to your will. May I get rid of those things in my life that get in the way of your light shining. In your son’s name, Amen