Mini Skirts, Mothers and Muslims

A few weeks ago I finished a book called Mini Skirts, Mothers and Muslims. When my family moves over seas my daughter and I will be dressing differently then we do here. We will have a head covering and other adjustments. By doing this, we will show we are modest women. The author of the book tells the whys behind the dress code and gives insight into other aspects of Muslim culture that will be helpful as we try to navigate the unknown. As I was reading, I started thinking about modesty here in the states. It made me think of how I dress differently than I use to and what actually is modest. What guidelines should I go by and what does the bible tell us.? I was excited to find a blog that has been doing some posts on being a modest women and is actually have a modest fashion show next week. (see side bar) I enjoy The Stay at Home Missionary and hope you will too.

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