First Aid

A week ago my daughter and I took a first aid/CPR class. I didn’t want to go by myself so I signed her up to go with me. We learned how to respond in an emergency, how to take care of wounds and how to administer CPR. My daughter especially liked practicing CPR on the dummies and can now be found bandaging up her dolls cuts and breaks. We learned that in any emergency situation we need to do the 3 C’s which are check, call, and care. First we are to check the area, find out who is injured and assess what needs to be done. Next we are to call 911 for help if the situation calls for it. Lastly we are to administer care.

As a follower of Jesus, I am reminded of how I need to follow the 3 C’s in applying spiritual first aid. For instance I need to check on how a friend is doing spiritually? Do I notice what is going on around me. Most importantly I need to call. I need to call on God. Prayer is the key in this process. Am I praying earnestly for my friends and their needs? Lastly I care for my friends by loving on them and being there for them. In my first aid class, someone asked how long do you do CPR on a person. The answer was until help arrived or you are no longer physically able to do so. In the same way, I am to pray and care as long as I am able, remembering that God will provide a way.

Dear God, You are the master physician. You provide healing for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. May I never cease to care for those who are hurting and in need. May I never fail to call on you to help in all situations. Amen

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