Upon Further Inspection

Two weeks ago, we finished the cleaning on the rental house we had lived in for almost 3 years. As I completed the basic cleaning, I kept seeing more things that needed to be done such as finger prints on the walls or cobwebs on the ceiling. Each step of cleaning seemed to reveal something else that needed to be […]

Great Article on Marriage

The Family Room – March 2009 – FamilyLife.com Just thought I would share this article. It was an encouragement to me to choose God in all things and let Him work giving the enemy no foothold. Dear God, Be with marriages today as they are under attack. May we be lights in our interactions so that others will be drawn […]

Pulling Weeds

Today my daughter and I were weeding some flower beds. We enjoyed being outside and my daughter loved having an excuse to play in the dirt. The beds had been weeded in the Fall, but somehow the weeds had survived the winter and were thriving. In fact when we pulled them up their root systems were extensive making it impossible […]

Mini Skirts, Mothers and Muslims

A few weeks ago I finished a book called Mini Skirts, Mothers and Muslims. When my family moves over seas my daughter and I will be dressing differently then we do here. We will have a head covering and other adjustments. By doing this, we will show we are modest women. The author of the book tells the whys behind […]

First Aid

A week ago my daughter and I took a first aid/CPR class. I didn’t want to go by myself so I signed her up to go with me. We learned how to respond in an emergency, how to take care of wounds and how to administer CPR. My daughter especially liked practicing CPR on the dummies and can now be […]