Farewell to our airplane

About 2 years ago, my husband bought an airplane to build up his flying hours and to do training in. A bonus was that he flew us all sorts of places during that time. We have been to Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada. Of course we have flown in Texas where our favorite flight was to go eat Barbecue at Hard Eight in Stephenville. It has been a great experience for our family allowing us to experience adventure as we go to visit family and friends. To the kids, it was just like riding in car except we got there faster.

Sometimes the ride was smooth and sometimes it was bumpy. Every one except my dh had the privilege of using a barf bag at least once. We flew over the clouds, through the clouds and under the clouds. Our flights could be short or very long but together we experienced life. The kids became experts at spotting other planes. I became an expert at not touching anything I wasn’t suppose to. Our family was the flight crew. We had our trusty pilot who guided us as we pulled the plane in and out of the hanger and loaded baggage. I even got to help with maintenance now and then if you call holding something helping.

These two years we got to see God’s creation from a different perspective. These two years I did some praying from high above. These two years I have been amazed at how well my husband can fly and remember all the things he needs to remember. I am thankful for all his hard work planning the trips and taking us with him. I am thankful for how he always enjoyed taking friends and family for rides. He even went and picked up a friend and her girls once and brought them home from Ohio. I am thankful for God guidance and protection as we have traveled. It has been a memorable season for us.

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