My favorite quotes I have heard this month

“Faithfulness is a long obedience in the same direction. ” Eugene Peterson “It is therefore necessary that we should be subject from the first to the last to the scourges of God so that we may from the heart call on Him. For our hearts are enfeebled by prosperity so that we can scarcely make the effort to pray.” John […]

One last finger post/New Year’s resolution

Great news. I received a good report when I went for a followup appointment on my fingers last week. Even though much healing has taken place, my finger was in a certain position for so long that I don’t even realize now when I am favoring it. I will be carrying something or picking something up and my husband will […]

Farewell to our airplane

About 2 years ago, my husband bought an airplane to build up his flying hours and to do training in. A bonus was that he flew us all sorts of places during that time. We have been to Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada. Of course we have flown in […]

Wimpy Theology Makes Wimpy Women

I was taking my children to a friend’s house when these words came over the podcast I was listening to. My daughter immediately picked up on the word “wimpy” thinking that would be a word you should not say. What followed was a discussion of what would wimpy theology be and would it make someone wimpy. We decided we did […]

Are you within hearing range?

A few years ago when we moved to this house, I realized my kids needed more outside time then I could spend outside. We lived on a cul–de-sac and my kids were older. So we came up with a system. They could play outside without me there if they would come when I called. At supper time or chore time, […]