What Christmas is all About

We have this video of big D when he was about 2 or 3 and I was asking him what Christmas was all about. Big D would say presents and the tree but couldn’t seem to get to the Jesus part. Today if I asked him that question he would say that it is Jesus birthday but in a way it is more than that. It is about worship. What were the angels doing as they proclaimed the good news, they were worshipping. What did the shepherds do upon seeing Jesus, they were “praising God and thanking him for everything they had seen and heard.” (Luke 2:20) When Jesus was brought to the temple eight days later, Simeon and Anna’s first response was worship. The goal of the wise men’s journey was to find the Christ child so they could worship Him. As we think about God and his gift of Jesus this Christmas may we worship Him and give Him glory. He is faithful. He is true. He is worthy of worship.

Dear God, Thank you for the gift of Jesus who brought us reconciliation with you. May our worship this Christmas bring you the glory and praise that you deserve. Amen