A Proper Look at Things

As I was reading Leviticus, I noticed a common phrase. ” I am the Lord your God who makes you holy.” This phrase was interspersed among all the rules and regulations that make up most of Leviticus. In the midst of the law, God is reminding the Israelites that He is the Lord. He is the Lord is the reason behind the law but just in case the Israelites got to thinking that is was all them he has the part “who makes you holy.” I find two extremes in my life. I either think I a m doing pretty good on my own and I forget where holiness comes from. Or I am so overwhelmed by not measuring up. I forget that holiness comes from God not what I do. My BSF teacher used to say that only when we have a high view of God can we have an accurate view of ourselves.

Dear God, You are holy and have written your law on my heart. Thank you that I do not have to do life on my own. May I have a high view of how awesome and worthy you are. Thank you for life, love and forgiveness. Amen