Three weeks ago, I injured two of my fingers requiring a trip to the emergency room and surgery. I knew the fingers would hurt for a few days but had not anticipated that it would still be an issue now. I have since learned that fingers are one of the most sensitive places on your body and that is why I still feel pain. Each day as my husband changes the bandages it looks a little better and I do have less pain and more movement in my hand. We all know physical healing takes time but we often forget this point when it comes to emotional and spiritual healing. If you hurt someone emotionally and then ask for forgiveness, you might expect them to forgive and forget immediately. But their emotional wound may take as long or longer to heal as a physical one would.

I have realized with my hand that God’s presence is comforting and his mercies are new every morning. He takes my tears, my fears, and my frustrations and covers them with his love. I have also seen this happen with emotional and spiritual healing. God is near to all who seek him. I wish I could have miraculous, instanteous healing but then I would have missed the special times of seeking God and seeing his provision. With spiritual or emotional healing, it is sometimes harder to see why the healing can’t happen immediately. I am reminded that I need to give people time to heal and to cover them with prayer whether it is marriage problems, depression, or another issue. I must not grow weary of serving the people God sends my way.

To the Master Physician, We come asking for your perfect healing. Some of us are hurting physically. Others are hurting emotionally or spiritually. May we daily seek You as You continue your good work in us. May we support those people you send our way and not be fearful of allowing others to support us on our journey. In your Son’s name, Amen

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      Very insightful, my friend! Thank you for that great reminder! JM

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      A friend of yours mentioned to G.B. that you had an accident. He mentioned I could go to your blog. I am happy to hear you are on the mend and that God is blessing you and your family. It sounds like the Lord is taking you on a great adventure in your relationship with Him. Your insights are encouraging and challenging. I pray the Lord will continue to bless you as you seek Him and serve Him in the coming weeks and years. An old friend,
      Stacey B.

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