Fourth of July

While growing up, one of the highlights of my summer was my small town’s July 4th celebration. This year my family was able to celebrate it with me. It is a time with family and friends and fun memories. The fun started with my kids getting their bikes ready for the children’s parade. My daughter dressed as a clown riding a bike. My son rode a big tricycle and pulled a wagon full of stuffed animals. The kids had fun riding around the town park many times. The next morning the parade was full of old cars and tractors, floats, horses, and candy thrown to the kids. The park was the setting for bounce houses, a rock wall and other kid stuff. The afternoon was spent at mom’s with family getting caught up and enjoying some outdoor games. The two grandmas were undefeated as a team. The kids along with dad and N went back to town for more fun. The evening ended with a fireworks display. Exhausted I went to bed with both old and new memories.