I am in Iowa and am reminded that at heart I am an Iowa girl. I like the smell of freshly cut hay and the feel of soft grass beneath my feet. I like being in the town where I grew up which has changed but not so much that I still know how to get places and still know a lot of peoples names at least. It is also fun to sleep with the windows open and wake up to the sound of birds singing.

My children are at camp with Grandma. The camp I went to growing up. I am sure they will have fun. My DH and I are with my dad keeping him out of trouble and trying to keep up with him. We have been bike riding to Fizzies and working on projects. Actually my DH and dad have been working on projects and I am in charge of keeping them fed and the house in order. Their big project is a green house. Fun and work mixed. It should hopefully be a fun week.

Dear God, Be with my children this week. May their hearts be open to your words. Be with mom and give her strength and wisdom as she works with the kids. Be with me and N as we help Dad. Give us safety on the projects and help us to enjoy this peaceful time. Thank you for this time of rest. Amen

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