God’s Presence

This blog was going to originally going to be called Iowa 2. I would have told you how I was getting fresh produce for my cooking from the garden and how I was enjoying time to read and helping the boys with their project. Change of plans. I had prayed for the safety of this project and all the people involved. Even though I had peace that my prayer was heard I found myself praying again as I held the ladder for my husband. We were almost finished when the ladder slid down with my husband on it. My husband landed safely but somehow the ladder had cut two of my fingers pretty bad. I cried out and my husband was quickly by my side taking charge of getting me to the hospital with the help of my dad. I remember wondering how I would handle the pain and the next few hours. It was like I heard God say my child I am with you. God was with me. He was there as my husband held my hand and prayed for me. He was there as my dad drove us safely through rain and lightning. He was there by allowing my sister to be at the hospital. He was even there in that my hand doctor was not only a Christian but familiar with our ministry.

The day after the accident I read the following quote in a book by Zan Tyler. This quote follows a list of nine verses in both the old and new testament where God remind his people that he will be with them. “These nine verses are reminders that God always gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want. Sometimes we want things; sometimes we want relief from pain or stress; sometimes we want easier assignments and circumstances in life. God often answers with His presence instead of granting our specific request.” When I prayed that day for our project I expected that the answer would be that all would go well. God answered with himself and an outpouring of love from family and friends both old and new.

So now I am enjoying the extra time with family that God has given me. I also am reminded of the need to pray daily for friends, family, and other requests that come my way. God is with us each step of the way.

Dear God. Thank you that you promise to be right beside us. Thank you for your presence and your grace. Help me to be satifsfied with just You. May we never cease to bring any request no matter how small or big to you. Amen.
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