True Victory

This week seemed impossible but God likes the impossible. We had deadlines that we thought could not be meant. God thought otherwise. In Ps. 60:11,12, it says, “O give us help against the adversary, for deliverance by man is in vain, through God we shall do valiently, and it is He who will tread down our adversaries.” This week has been a battle for me physcially, spiritually and emotionally. God fought the battle. He gave me encouragement. He gave me strength. He gave me peace. It was not easy but God was and is good. The shield of faith was in full use as I kept taking lies I was hearing in my head to God. Lies like I can’t do anything or why do I always mess up. God’s grace was sufficient and more than enough.

I am reminded that we are daily going to battle and often like to look at Ephesians 6 where it talks about the full armor of God. I need to pray this for myself and my family. God’s word is my sword and prayer is essential.

God, Thank you for your provision this week. May I be strong in You. May my loins be girded with truth and my heart protected with the breastplate of righteousness. May I use the shield of faith to defend against the fiery lies that are coming from the evil one. May I be in your word so that I will know the truth. Amen