Prince Caspian

Yesterday Noel and I finished our project for our Perspectives class. Perspectives has been good but I am glad it is done. To celebrate after church today, we took the kids to see Prince Caspian. We had heard the radio version of the story but it was fun to see it on the big screen. Even though I still like the book version better. Big D liked the mice and W liked Prince Caspian. In some ways it was a hard movie to watch. The characters kept wondering where Aslan was but instead of going to find him they did things on their own which didn’t really work out well. At one point at the beginning of the movie, Lucy spots Aslan across the way. She suggests that they follow him. Peter overrides this and asks her why he didn’t see Aslan. Lucy’s reply was that maybe Peter was no looking for Aslan. Isn’t that so true? Do you know people who see God in everyday life partly because they are looking for Him. Later Susan, the older sister, ask Lucy why she hadn’t seen Aslan. Lucy’s reply was that maybe Susan didn’t want to see Aslan. Sometimes we have in our mind what we want to do and seeing God would change all that. Finally at the end of the story, it is decided that Lucy needs to find Aslan. He is their last and only hope. Lucy rides off to find Aslan and she does find him. He asks what took her so long to find him. Lucy replies that the others did not want to go that way. Aslan does not accept that excuse. He reminds her that she needs to follow Him no matter what. In the same way, we may see God and then not follow because no one else is. Lucy reminded me today that I need to be seeking God and when I see Him I need to follow no matter what.

Dear God, May we see you in each and every day. May we follow even when it is hard and there is no one else going the same way. May we look to you as our first hope not just our last. May you be glorified in all things. Amen