See Saws

At recess as a kid, we loved to go on the see saws. We would go up and down until the teacher would blow her whistle to have us come in. But we didn’t always just go up and down. Sometimes we would try to balance the see saw. We would either try to do it by putting people of the same weight on each side or putting more then one person on each side to balance it out. Of course there was always the approach where you had one person on each end and then one person in the middle. This middle person would scoot back and forth until the see saw achieved perfect balance.

This past week has reminded me of a see saw. On the one hand, I can see all the things that God is doing through the organization who will be our sending organization and I want to join God there. I want to be a part of it. One the other hand, I am reading about all the hurdles still ahead of us if we make it over this first one and I am not sure. Then I am up again because it is amazing to be around so many people who are being faithful to God’s calling and I know so many of our friends and family are praying for us. Then I am on the down end, thinking about what if… But in the middle of it all, I have the middle man. He is teaching me to be content where I am and not be so worried about the what ifs and hurdles. He promises to bring peace that surpasses all understanding when I bring my prayer and petition to him. He promises that nothing can take me away from His love. He promises that He has a plan for me. When I let Him, He brings perfect balance into all the ups and downs of life.

Dear God, Thank you for your promises. Thank you for the journey you have each one of us on. Let us not forget you have a perfect plan and will be with us each step of the way. May we rest in your peace. Amen

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