Quotes from Perspectives

My DH and I are taking a course called Perspectives. In this class, we have the opportunity to read lots of articles on missions and hear from speakers which combine to give us a better perspective about missions. I guess you see how it gets its name. Anyways, here are two quotes that stood out to me in the past […]

See Saws

At recess as a kid, we loved to go on the see saws. We would go up and down until the teacher would blow her whistle to have us come in. But we didn’t always just go up and down. Sometimes we would try to balance the see saw. We would either try to do it by putting people of […]

A New Do

As many of you know, N and I have been busy getting ready for our trip to Idaho. In the midst of it all, I decide I need to get my hair cut and luckily she has one opening that fits my schedule before Friday. What is it about a new hair cut that makes a girl feel better? A […]

Take aways from Titus

Okay this blog has been in my head since Christmas. I went into Christmas break both mentally and physically exhausted. I had been working long hours and on top of that some of my students had been emotionally draining. While in Tenn. for the break, I dropped off Nana and the kids at church for Sunday school and treated myself […]