Big D and Christmas

Thinking of Christmas this year makes me smile. My Big D is so into things. Today he and his big sis decorated our house. I am sure you can tell if you stop by. Since we are in a rental and will be away at Christmas, I almost decided not to decorate. Big D put his foot down and I am glad that he did. Not only is my house decorated but I get to hear Christmas music almost 24-7 whether from our itunes library or coming from D’s singing. Favorites include Mercy Me’s Gloria and Rockin around the Christmas tree and Michael W. Smith’s Kay Thompson’s Jingle bell. Notice I put Kay Thompson’s jingle bells. I didn’t really think about their being a difference until last Sunday we were watching a Christmas special and D asked if they were playing Kay Thompson’s Jingle Bells. Oh and I shall not forget the Christmas lights we see when we are out at night. The most fascinating thing when you look at them through the eyes of an 8 year old. Actually I am quite taken with those big lighted Christmas ornaments that people put on their outside trees. Lastly, Big D is also making sure all the shopping gets done. We just had to go Wed. to get his sister’s present because you know they might be all out if we waited any longer. Thank you God for little boys and Christmas.

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