2 Fathers/2 Daughters

In October, my kids went to their first wedding that they could remember anyways. It was a wedding like no other. Our pastor’s daughter was getting married and the whole church was invited so we decided to go. During our time there, I was privileged to see two different fathers with two different daughters and I was touched.

All the attendants had come in and now it was time for the flower girls and ring bearers – two sets. It made me think of heaven and the little children coming to Jesus. One of the little girls was dressed in all white and her daddy gently pushed her wheel chair because she was severely handicapped. The love the father showed his daughter was beautiful. I have to think that Jesus was looking down and thinking that he knew what he was doing when he matched those two up. Later I saw the Father/Daughter pair again dancing together as the music played. I smiled and I am sure others did too as we watched them swaying to the music in their own way.

The other pair was the pastor and his daughter- the Bride. First I was touched by his words of affirmation to the groom who would be his new son in law. He loved his daughter by loving not only her but her husband. I am sure his words of encouragement to both of them will help them as they start out on their new life together. Later, we had the opportunity to see the Father/Daughter dance. It started out with Butterfly kisses switched to hip-hop and then went back to Butterfly kisses. It was touching to see the pair have sentimental and fun moments together even though it was funny seeing my pastor do some of those dance moves. One thing was evident in both pairs. The dad loved the daughter and the daughter loved the dad. Each had a special way to relate to the child that God had given them.

Dear God, Thank you for the children that you gave me. First of all, let my love for them be evident to them. May I train them in the way you want that child to go with love, truth and gentleness. Amen