Musing from cleaning bathrooms

Okay I don’t usually have spiritual thoughts when I clean my bathroom. I actually hate doing bathrooms and when I do I try to get it done as soon as possible. For some reason as I started cleaning today, I thought maybe I should clean a little deeper. I actually took everything out of the shower and sink and scrubbed it all down. I had lots of cleaner, sponges and even an old toothbrush. As I started cleaning, I kept finding things that needed more cleaning until I found my bathroom the cleanest it probably has ever been since I have lived here. It felt good to not just clean the surface but to get the bathroom really clean.

Sometimes I find I can be like that in my life. I see something that needs cleaned up in my life and I ask for forgiveness and my actions are changed but God wants to go deeper with it than that. God wants to deal with what caused those actions. He wants to give me a pure heart. I can have a surface job of right actions but deep cleaning means my heart is in the right place. It means there is no room for negative thoughts, anxiety, or pride. Because if I don’t deal with the heart issues, they will affect my surface issues.

Dear God, Thank you for not just stopping at the surface when it comes to creating in me a new heart. You cut to the core of the problem. May I always be ready to hear, repent, and obey. Amen