Did you say “I’m bored?”

These words spoken together at my house will get you extra chores. I happened to hear them one too many times during our first week out of school and knew this would be a long summer if I didn’t put a stop to it. Now I am not saying that my children can’t ask me for ideas on what to do. That is acceptable. But “I’m bored” reeks of complaining and lack of imagination. It is often found especially in childhood that “boredom” can lead to creating new things, exploring new ideas or giving you time to just sit and listen. As adults, it is probably the latter item that needs to be done more often. As a fast paced society, it is a challenge to put enough margin in our lives for these moments. Some of the things I am treasuring this summer as I am off from work are time to read, think, play with my kids and sometimes having to think “what should I do?”

By the way, thanks to my little rule, my big D did some dusting for me today. The funny thing is I think he even enjoyed doing it though I am not sure about the quality of the dusting.

Dear Creator, You have made us to enjoy your creation. You have also made us in your image with the need to be creative and learn and do new things. You have also made us with a need to just be still and listen. May all these things be present in us and glorify you.


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