Calling for Reinforcements

My son had been fighting a cough for a week. We were on our way home from church where he had experienced several bouts of coughing. He seemed to be getting worse not better and we were scheduled to leave in about a week to go out of town. I decided to call my mom who seems to have a special line to God when praying for things and asked for her and some of her friends help in praying for healing for David. We essentially were calling in for reinforcements. That day things seemed to get worse instead of better with the shower treatment, humidfier on, and big D pretty much isolated to inside play. On Monday and each day after the progress has been dramatic until last night we didn’t even have to give him his cough medicine. Thank you God for answering our prayer.

Sometimes I have periods where I am struggling with depression, anxiety or even just understanding and relating to my kids. I can find myself overwhelmed and feel like my prayers are hitting the ceiling. If I am smart, I will call for reinforcements. Reinforcement may come from my home team, family or even from a group of three girls I meet with once a month for accountibility. Sometimes we need help not just with physical matters but also emotional and spiritual matters as well. The battle is more easily won when we help each other bear our burdens.

Dear God, Thank you for your healing of D. Thank you for hearing us when we call on you. Thank you for the friends and family that you send our way that help us in the journey of faith. May we be faithful to lift them up to you in prayer. Amen