Blind Spot

Okay, I actually looked to see if someone was in the other lane and I am sure no one was there. 🙂 One second later as I am moving into the other lane, someone was there and had been there all along in my blind spot. Luckily all that I got was a dirty look from the other driver and no damage to either car just to my ego. I am finding myself more often looking twice remembering that the blind spot is there. I have also found myself looking twice in other areas of my life. When one of my children does something I often have to look twice to see the actual situation instead of reacting to what I think happened. Sometimes my second look is my idea and sometimes my dear husbands. Sometimes I see in time to avoid words I shouldn’t say and sometimes I have to back track or swallow words in mid sentence. But taking the second look always pays off.

Right after the blind spot experience in my Expedition, I found myself not just once but twice the blind spot of other drivers. Since I have been guilty many times, I just smiled back as the other drivers waved that they were sorry. Hopefully I can be that way in life too. A friend, husband, or even someone I don’t know might have a blind spot in relation to me. They may take wrong something I say or do. In those situations, I need have grace and right the situation if at all possible because blind spots in life can go both directions.

Dear God of no blind spots, Thank you that you see all yet give grace in all situations. Help us to see others as you see them and to remember to look twice before we react. Amen