Musing from cleaning bathrooms

Okay I don’t usually have spiritual thoughts when I clean my bathroom. I actually hate doing bathrooms and when I do I try to get it done as soon as possible. For some reason as I started cleaning today, I thought maybe I should clean a little deeper. I actually took everything out of the shower and sink and scrubbed […]

Calling for Reinforcements

My son had been fighting a cough for a week. We were on our way home from church where he had experienced several bouts of coughing. He seemed to be getting worse not better and we were scheduled to leave in about a week to go out of town. I decided to call my mom who seems to have a […]

Blind Spot

Okay, I actually looked to see if someone was in the other lane and I am sure no one was there. 🙂 One second later as I am moving into the other lane, someone was there and had been there all along in my blind spot. Luckily all that I got was a dirty look from the other driver and […]

A First Response

When I was pregnant with Big D we had a sonogram that told us there was possibly something wrong with him, my response was lots of crying and some depression. When my dad told me that he was going to have surgery for cancer, my first response was tears and denial. When my husband suggested I go back to teaching, […]

Did you say “I’m bored?”

These words spoken together at my house will get you extra chores. I happened to hear them one too many times during our first week out of school and knew this would be a long summer if I didn’t put a stop to it. Now I am not saying that my children can’t ask me for ideas on what to […]