Twelve men spies in Canaan Land

Do you remember the song? Twelve men spies in canaan land. Ten were bad and two were good and what they say in canaan land. Ten were bad and two were good. Some saw Giants big and strong. Some saw Grapes in clusters long. Some saw God was in it all. 10 were bad and 2 were good. Okay I admit, I can not believe how those men could give such a bad report. How could they not see that if God could bring them through the Red Sea and provide for their daily needs that God could also help them conquer the land? How could they not see? But then how can I not see that God can work through me to deal with the people in my lives everyday. It could be students who misbehave, my children who are having a rough time in school or just anyone. I don’t have any giants. Actually most of the people I encounter daily are the same size or smaller. My focus is often on what I am not able to do instead of what God can do.

At a mother’s retreat I went to in February, Zan Tyler encouraged us as mothers to bring back the positive report. We often focus on the negative when we need to be focusing on the positive. This idea hit me not only as a mom but as a teacher. Teachers are not always known for looking at things from the positive side.  Zan reminded us moms to filter every thought and take those thoughts captive that would result in a negative report. My husband and children need to hear me giving a positive report. Now I must admit this has not been easy for me.  I must also admit I don’t think I have made any progress. But once again, I have a God who is patient and will continue to work on me until his work is complete.

God, Thank you for using your word to remind us of those things that we need to be doing in our lives. Help me to bring a positive report to my husband and children. Help me to see how you can work through me in all that I do. Amen

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