God’s Basic Training

Just as God has each of us in basic training through the different experiences he sends our way, I would say that He has our children in basic training too. For one thing, they have to put up with us. Okay really, our children encounter situations everyday where they have the opportunity to make the wise choice or not. We may put those tasks in their way through our expectations on them but I would say most come naturally. Questions I am asking myself include: Am I helping? Do I point my children to God? Do I extend grace and love mixed with truth? Or am I hurting? Am I enabling my child? Am I protecting him/her too much? Which ultimately leads to the real question, do I want my child to be happy and shallow or spiritual and deep? (This last question is taken from a talk by Sally Clarkson) Too me, I think it is difficult to find a balance. It also reminds me of the need for me to be on my knees praying for my children daily.

Dear Creator of all: Protect my children from evil. Show them your true path. Guide their choices and my they earnestly seek you even when it is hard to do so. Amen

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