The Enemy of the “Best”

Today I was reminded of a principle from BSF a couple of years ago. Sometimes good is the enemy of the “best”. What she meant was that we have so many choices to make in life that are very good but if we say yes to every good thing, we can often miss out on the best for us. Today was Easter and I was seconding guessing our decision to not go to the Easter picnic. But by the time we got home and had a nice dinner together, I knew I was where I needed to be. It also reminded me that I need to bring every decision to God to see if it is God’s best for me. We can’t do everything that comes our way but we do have time to do the things that God sends our way.

God, Thank you for your guidance. May I never forget to seek the direction you want me to go daily. God I don’t want to miss out on your best for me. AMEN

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