Twelve men spies in Canaan Land

Do you remember the song? Twelve men spies in canaan land. Ten were bad and two were good and what they say in canaan land. Ten were bad and two were good. Some saw Giants big and strong. Some saw Grapes in clusters long. Some saw God was in it all. 10 were bad and 2 were good. Okay I […]

God’s Basic Training

Just as God has each of us in basic training through the different experiences he sends our way, I would say that He has our children in basic training too. For one thing, they have to put up with us. Okay really, our children encounter situations everyday where they have the opportunity to make the wise choice or not. We […]

The Enemy of the “Best”

Today I was reminded of a principle from BSF a couple of years ago. Sometimes good is the enemy of the “best”. What she meant was that we have so many choices to make in life that are very good but if we say yes to every good thing, we can often miss out on the best for us. Today […]