An inverse relationship between your head and your heart

This is taken from a book called Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin. Throughout the story, Miss Ella gives Tucker words of wisdom. Here is my favorite.

“You got something special in here. You may have the greenest eyes and the best bat in Little League, but you’re more than good looks, home runs, and triples. You got something inside that few else got. God gave you a people place big enough for more than just yourself. You start believing all this stuff other people say and pretty soon you’ll have room for you. Remember there’s an inverse relationship between your head and your heart. If your head swells, your heart shrinks. Tucker, your are not the sum of your bat speed and batting averages. And when you find the thing that you do – maybe its baseball, and maybe its not, but whatever it is- don’t let it go to your head. You stay down here with the rest of us. I don’t care if you find yourself on the front cover of Time magazine; you be Tucker Mason. “

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