Basketball Musings

Today I was wore out from watching a 1st grader play basketball. My son and his team were up and down the floor hustling, stealing the ball and even getting a few points here and there. They were playing a team that had creamed them at the beginning of the season but today they were holding their own and only ended up 4 points short. To us, that was victory. Under the leadership of their coach they had become a team. He believed in them and so they believed in themselves. Each week they practice hard to learn the basic skills of the game and to improve their weaknesses. Today we could see their hard work in action.

In the same way, God is my coach. He believes in me so I need to believe in myself. He loves me so that is why he often points out those weaknesses and helps me work on them whether I want to or not. He even wants me to learn to play well with the team he has put me on. Basic skills of kindness and good communication are always needed. Practicing the fruits of the spirit is a must even when I don’t feel like it. And just like in basketball, some days will be good and others not so much. Victory comes when I yield to God’s will not mine. Victory comes when Jesus in me shines brightly. Victory comes when I say God I can’t do it on my own I need your help.

Thank you God for being a kind and patient coach who never gives up. Shine brightly in me and continue to guide me on your path.

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