Hello, My name is TJ and I am a grouch

Right before Thanksgiving, my children and I finished a book about Eric Liddell probably known best through the Chariots of Fire movie. In the book, I was impressed with how upbeat and positive Eric was in all circumstances including being in a Japanese War camp. I was also convicted about how grouchy I had been since I had started to work. Yes, I was tired. Yes, I was overwhelmed. But circumstances were dictating my attitude. My children were used to seeing their mommy grouchy more then in a good mood. I had the habit of being a grouch. So the Friday before Thanksgiving I knew I needed to break this habit with God’s help. I also needed some incentive. The deal was if I could go a whole week without being grouchy, my husband would take me on a date. My biggest breakthrough was first realizing I was a grouch and confessing that to God. Next I found so many things I was missing and took the time to be thankful. I decided to set my mind on things above for once. I did make it a whole week and had a wonderful date with my husband. I also haven’t been perfect since then but being a grouch is no longer the norm. Hopefully being positive and thankful will soon be the habit of choice.

Dear God, Thank you for your forgiveness and love. Thank you for changing us from the inside out remaking us in the image of your son.

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      I often recall the part in the movie where Jackson Schultz passes a piece of paper to Eric at the starting line of the 400 meter final at the Olympics. The paper read “In the Good Book it says ‘If any man will serve Me, him will My Father honor.'” That inspires me to once again call upon the Father to help me be the man he created me to be.



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