Ramblings and a new look

Since I am tired but would still like to blog, here it goes. As I was driving home this evening I was thinking about the verse that tells us that God’s grace is sufficient. I was needing some grace because once again my weaknesses were evident. I knew my journal would once more be telling God all about my weaknesses and all that goes with it. I am so glad God is not human because if He was He would be tired of me really soon. But then I remembered that if you can’t cast your burdens on God than who else could we go to. By casting all my cares on God, I am saying there is someone bigger than I who is in control. I have hope for tomorrow. Without God, there is no hope. With God, there is hope.

Today I read a familar passage but saw it in a new way. Instead of just reading Phil 4:6, 7 by themselves, I saw what Phil. 4:5b says, “The Lord is near.” “The Lord is near” is why “be anxious for nothing” makes so much more sense. In our prayers, we acknowledge that God is near. Because God is near, His peace is certain and sure as well as being beyond comprehension. As I write this and think that the God of the universe is near, my anxiety is taken away and my heart is invaded with His peace.

God, I give you all my anxious thoughts. Guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Amen

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