In God’s Waiting Room

Today I was talking to my dear friend C. We were discussing a decision that my husband and I are trying to make. I told her that I would be fine with either choice but just didn’t like the waiting process. Her words of encouragement and offer of prayer ended our talk. Later as I thought about my words I […]

Word of encouragement

Jude 24 God is strong and can help you not to fall. He can bring you before his glory without any wrong in you and can give you great joy. A good word for those days when we just want to give up.

The King James Version

You don’t hear it so much today but when I was growing up some people thought that it wasn’t the Bible unless it was written in the Kings James Version. I must admit that every once in a while I think maybe that should be true. For one thing, the verses are easier to memorize since they seem to have […]