A Bad Hair Cut

Here is how it happened… I had been needing a hair cut for a few weeks and drove by this walk in place and decided to go in. My instincts told me to walk back out but since I wasn’t feeling very patient, I let the first available stylist cut my hair. Somehow it just didn’t come out anything close to what it was suppose to look like. My kids said I looked like a boy and my husband had no words. 🙂 Instead of waiting and getting an appointment with a lady I knew would do a good job, I decided I couldn’t wait. The consequence was a bad hair cut. Sometimes in life we get the equivalent of a bad hair cut. We are waiting on God but get impatient. The situation seems right like the shop was right there and we are tired of waiting. We dive in, do what we want to do, and then we see the consequences such as a hurt relationship or worse.

Now I was able to go to my regular hair lady and have her help my hair look better but there was no way she could make it grow longer. For us, we see we are off track or have offended someone in someway and we can redirect our life and make amends. Even so the consequences remain. Our relationships will never be totally the same. God’s plan for us will still be good but maybe not the best since we were too in a hurry to help him out. But the amazing thing about God is that he can even use bad hair cuts and anything else as long as we turn to him and again seek his face.

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