Living a Life of Grace

This morning I just finished reading the biography of Ruth Bell Graham. I was encouraged and challenged by her life. She grew up as missionary kid in China and then went to Wheaton College where she ended up meeting her husband Billy Graham. Ruth’s life was filled with supporting her husband, raising her children and showing grace to all those she met. She was not a respecter of persons. Ruth loved those that some would think unlovely. Second chances were her specialty. She trusted that God could work in their lives and do wonderous things. Reading her biography encouraged me to not give up on some friends who often stray off the course. It also challenged me to look to help those that are sometimes not so easy to help. Most of all, I want to be an example of grace to my children and to show them just a glimpse of God’s love through my love for them.

“Now I am putting you into the care of God and the message about his grace. It is able to give you strength, and it will give blessings God has for his holy people.” Acts 20:32.