A Holy, fierce passion

This summer I have been reading Captivating by John and Stasi Elderidge. In their chapter called Romanced, this is what they said: ” Faithful obedience to God is vital, but it is not all God draws us to…. The persecuted church is vast today. More Christians are being matryered in our lifetime than in any other time in church history. It is not obedience that is carrying our brothers and sisters- wavering, steadfast, eyes ablaze- to their deaths. It is holy, fierce passion. Hearts afire.” We are drawn to those who have a passion for God for in their passion for God they also have a passion for holiness. I remember when I was in college, I had a small group leader named Tara who had a passion for God. Her passion for God was seen in her love of God’s word and spending time with him. Her passion for God was seen as she reached out to win those who were lost and disciple those who wanted more of God. Since that time, I have met others who had that same passion. Obedience was there but it came in a spirit of love and freedom. I want to have that kind of passionate obedience.

I am not following a bunch of rules instead I am in a relationship with God in heaven.

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