God’s Guidance-A Slow and Certain Light

So far this year one of the best books that I have read is a book by Elisabeth Elliot called God’s Guidance- A Slow and Certain Light. Elisabeth Elliot had a way of reminding me of things that I knew but she presented them in a new light. She reminded me of how the Lord’s prayer can make a good model for our prayers. For example, “Your kingdom come, your will be done ” gets us focused on how our will should be aligned with God’s will. Then as I go to seek God’s will, it will begin with focusing on God himself. I need to know and believe that what God has planned is the very best. Knowing God allows me to trust his guidance and his intentions.

Another thing that stood out to me was when she talked about our cross. She believes it is what is required of me today. With what attitude I choose to do those tasks is up to me but God has something that he requires of me at this moment. And when I say no to self and yes to God, I am able to experience God’s enabling. She says, “Never has he given an assignment that was not accompanied by the power to accomplish it. ” (p60)

The last chapter of the book goes into the means of God’s will. She makes an interesting note that those people who experienced God through extraordinary means did so in the course of their usual business. In the course of their normal day God broke in in a special way. Elisabeth goes on to remind the reader that we will “often find God leading men while they are doing what they normally are suppose to do.” (p91) I need to do what she calls the next thing. For me that could be taking care of my family or helping out a friend. When I am seeking God’s will, I don’t need to put life on hold. I need to do the next thing and God will meet me there. She talks about the different means in such a practical way. I am encouraged to know that God knows me, who I am and He will speak to me in a way that I can hear him. God wants me to know him. It doesn’t mean it will be easy and often I may need to take the harder of two roads but God’s promise is that he will be with me.

In some ways, it can be frustrating that I can’t find God’s will using some formula but in others it is nice to be reminded that God’s perfect will first starts with me getting to know Him. It is in relationship that I will be able to follow the Good Shepherd.

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      Thank you for this review. I have been encouraged and inspired by her other books and am now researching about this book. God bless you more 🙂

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