What I have learned from my Dad

As Father’s day approached and went, I thought about the lessons my dad is teaching me that I hope to pass down to my kids. The first thing is – people are important. Dad always has time for people. He had time to play tons of ping pong with his girls as they were growing up. He had time to mentor teenage boys who needed odd jobs to do. On Sunday morning, our car would often make one or two stops on the way to church to pick up kids who my dad had invited to come with us. Today he has a group of friends he plays racquetball with. I don’t know what they enjoy more the racketball or the talks on the way to play racquetball. Now I enjoy just hanging out with dad when he is in town and talking to him about what is going on with my family and I.

Dad also believes in people. Somehow he makes you think you can do anything. I don’t know how many people he has talked in to doing a job that they would never would have thought of doing and most of the time they end up liking it. He often sees things in people that others don’t.

The third thing I am learning from my dad is to think outside of the box. The woods behind our house became a retreat for the youth group. Dad and others built a mobile miniature golf course for fundraising and to use at our church camp grounds. Dad would buy and resell all kinds of things in his shop. Anyone need bubble wrap?

Dad likes to dream. It is fun to dream. We had a flat place where we use to live that we called the tennis court. One day it would be one. It didn’t matter that it never was but it was fun to think it could be. We were going to have a raquetball court once and build a pontoon boat. These dreams never were realized but others have. Dad is now learning to sail. Dad has helped his shops grow and multiply. He also dug a basement underneath his house. Who would have thought?

These are just a few things I see in my dad and hope to see in me someday. I thank God for my Dad because he is just right for me.
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      I need to spend some time with your dad the next time he’s here! I love hearing about his “vision.”

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      I have been impressed with your dad’s endurance and his very apparent love for his famiy. I also am grateful for the oldest daughter he and Connie raised who has become such a treasured addition to our family. It is reassuring and a blessing to know our son and grandchildren have a wife and mother like you.



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