The Gift of Parenting

A month or so ago, I read a book called Home Education by Charlotte Mason. I found the book to be interesting and it made me think about how I go about training my children in good habits and planting seeds (new ideas) in their learning. Mostly though, the book reminded me of what a great gift and responsibility God has given me in letting me be the parent of two wonderful children. It is a gift we often take for granted. In her book, Charlotte Mason says, “‘The wonder that the Almighty God can endure so far to leave the very making of an immortal being in the hands of human parents is only matched by the wonder that human parents can accept this trust with hardly a thought of its significance.” I am so glad I have had the chance to be around people who do take parenting seriously and have thought through how they want to train and educate their children. It has challenged me to do the same. I am also thankful that God would let me be involved in the education and training of my son and daughter.

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