Some of you may be asking what does DTR stand for. Well, when I was in college it meant “define the relationship.” A couple would be dating or doing things together for a while and then one half of the couple would want to know if they were both thinking the same thing about their relationship.  Were they officially boyfriend/girlfriend or just friends.  Then the couple would have the DTR talk. We don’t call it DTR as we grow older, but I have found myself trying to find out where I stand with another person. Mostly when insecurites arise and I am needing some encouragement. In our relationship with God, God clearly defines the relationship. God loved me, sent His only Son to die for me and all I have to do is believe. He says give me your sins and I will give you forgiveness. Anytime I am confused about where I stand with God, all I have to do is go to the DTR book (the bible) to find out where I stand. If something is amiss, you can be sure it is I who need to make it right. But then again, God clearly woos me back saying I will put your sins as far as the east is from the west. He wants me to abide in Him and He actually wants to abide in me. He goes on to say in John 15 that without Him I can do nothing. Sometimes I am amazed that he actually wants to do something through me but am thankful that He does.

Thank you God for dealing with all my insecurites. In you, I have ultimate security and not only security but love. Thank you for your Word where you have clearly defined our relationship and you want more of me not less. AMEN

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      I have just read your blog for the first time in ages. All of them are great, but DTR was especially wonderful to me. You wrote so clearly the message of the Bible to God’s children–simple truths in simple yet profound ways.

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