Somebody’s listening

One of my New Year’s resolutions a year ago was the verse James 1:19. In the New Century version it says ” My dear brothers and sisters, always be willing to listen and slow to speak. Do not become angry easily.” I must say I am still working on it and some days are better then others. This verse came to mind the other day as I was watching the news. They were talking about what the President said and were analyzing every word. I thought about how it must be hard to have everything you say written down and analyzed. I would probably always be in trouble. And sometimes I am in trouble, as I realize once again I have my own sort of press corp (my kids) who soak in every word I say. I am daily reminded of the need to think before I speak or as the Bible says to be slow to speak. As a mom, my day will go much better if I am willing to listen and do not become angry easily. I also won’t have to regret as much at the end of the day.

Dear God, Be with my words today. May I listen to those around me and speak the words you would have me say. May I not be quick to get angry but see the whole situation before responding. Make me an example to my children. Give me words to heal and encourage them. Amen

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