I Choose

Yesterday as I was driving to church, I was feeling a little down for no reason at all. As I thought about it, I was tempted to dwell on it. Then I remember that I was going to worship God and Satan doesn’t like that. So in my mind, I prayed that God would help me to refocus on Him i.e. to put up my shield of faith. In worship that morning, I felt my prayers answered as we sang praises to God and I was able to see God instead of feeling sorry for myself. It was a matter of choosing and letting God do the rest. In Deut. 30: 19, 20, God urges us to choose life. Life comes when I choose joy over depression, forgiveness instead of bitterness, patience instead of anger, courage instead of fear, and hope instead of defeat.

God, Each day may I choose the life you have for me. If you had the power to raise Jesus from the dead, you have more then enough power for anything I may face. Thank you for answered prayer. Amen