A Glance Back at Our School Year

At this time last year, I had no idea what our first year of homeschooling would be like. I must admit teaching my daughter went better then I thought. It took a while for us to get use to each other but we both loved books so we often couldn’t wait to find out what was happening next. It did take time which was a discipline for me. I learned and am still learning the need to sacrifice what I want for what is best for my family. And I find when I make the right choice God blesses that choice and I am at peace. I learned I could use more patience. 🙂 I learned there are times to play and times to work hard. I saw my daughter develop confidence and enjoying school. I saw my son learn to play independently at times and increase his focus time. He also wanted to do school but his method was a lot of one thing for a week and then move on to another subject. I enjoyed the time investing in my children’s lives and am glad we made this choice.

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