Galatians 3: Faith vs the Law

I have enjoyed thinking about this battle between Faith and the Law, yet not knowing how to put it into words it has taken me a while to write this blog . Let us start with Faith. For Faith to work I need a relationship with God. How can I trust the promises of someone I don’t know? How can I believe unless I know who God is and understand that He loves me? When Job was having trouble he trusted God in spite of everything. Even though he know he hadn’t sinned, it wasn’t that fact that helped him keep his faith, rather it was his relationship with God. He knew the character of God and that God could be trusted. Faith involves grace. Faith is all about God and what He did for us. Faith also involves love.

On the other hand, the Law is very impersonal and harsh. No one can measure up. It has no grace. The Law is all about you and what you can do. Yet each of us finds ourselves at times maybe not trying to live by the law of the OT but by a law of our own making, bypassing the relationship. This chapter was a refreshing reminder that Faith is all about depending on God and nothing about depending on me. The only thing God desires is that we come to know and love Him. As I see more of God’s character I wonder why anyone wouldn’t want to love Him. I wonder why/how I could stray from the original plan?

God, be with me today. Help me to focus on You and not on me. May I live by faith, trusting you to guide me each step of the way. Amen